Fire Safety, Control, Pump and Mechanical

The Risk of Injury and Death From Fires is Real!

As a result of improvements in the progress of technology, materials and the change of urban structure, new types of fires are on the increase thus lead to the increasing demand for improved quality of fire prevention.

It is obvious that safety is as important as air and people are now re-evaluating safety and appreciating its importance.

We are here to be the nationally recognized leader in one stop fire services, delivering the cost effective fire safety solution, user-friendly operation technology by NOHMI’s corporate worlwide brand identity, and most comprehensive technical assistance during the design, installation, and maintenance programs stage to Building owners, HSE consultants, and the citizens of Indonesia.

We have years of know-how in various property types: industrial plants, highrise buildings, airports, stadiums/convention halls, large atriums, museums, computer/communication equipment rooms, housing complex, etc.


Fire Safety, Control, Pump & Mechanical :

·         Conventional Fire Alarm System – NOHMI
·         Semi Addressable Fire Alarm System – NOHMI Integlex Multicrest
·         Full Addressable Fire Alarm System – NOHMI Integlex Multicrest
·         Inert Gas Fire Suppression System – NN100
·         Water Extinguishing System (Sprinkler & Hydrant)
·         Foam Extinguishing System
·         Dry Chemical Extinguishing System
·         Ships & Aircraft Fire Detectors
·         Fire Extinguishers



1) Integlex Multicrest Fire Alarm System:

2) NN 100 Fire Suppresion



3) Guardmax Fire Extinguisher

Referrences by Projects

1) Air Port

2) Apartemen and Hotel

3) Factory

4) High Rise Building

5) Hospital

6) Marine

Referrences by Type of Work

Special NN 100 Referrences

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