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Aermec Precision Air Conditioning G Series

  • The precision air conditioners in the G Series are designed to condition technological premises with precision, for applications with high power density.

     Cooling capacity: 43.00 รท 183.00 kW

     R410A refrigerant

  • The units of the G series are designed with construction characteristics that optimise the space and layout of technical floors. The fan section is composed of a separately provided sub-base, providing remarkable advantages: a coil with ample heat exchange surface area, an extended filtering surface that limits maintenance operations thanks to less soiling, and horizontal air delivery for operation with less pressure drops. The G series is available in the GX versions, with air condensing and matching remote condenser, or with water condensing and incorporated plate heat exchanger, as well as the GW version with the cooled water circuit. The PX versions have the optional DC brushless inverter compressor for efficient modulation of delivered power. Advanced microprocessor electronic regulation for integrated control of the unit with a standard RS485 card.